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Play time :)

Today I made a point of not having to do anything important. I'm about to head off to buy Zhaan's grub (she's a piggy dog as are most labs so she goes through a good bit of food). Then I might swing by Lowe's to look at some Juniper bushes so that I can make some Bonsai trees again (this'll be my third set). I'll post pictures if/when I get them done. Other than that, I'm just going to hang out, work on my nicely (simple) integrated journal layout do a little cleaning and maybe watch some movies. It's been a little bit too long since I had a weekend when I wasn't planning on doing something with someone and therefore cleaning or preparing in some way etc...

So far today, I woke up, watched cartoons, baked some blueberry bread, ate lunch, pseudo-watched History Channel shows while reading the Buffy book I just got. Totally non exciting day, but I'm happy :)

Ta-ta for now.

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