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purple dragon


So, in the year that I've had it, my iPhone developed a crack (oops) and several bubbles beneath the glass. I couldn't quite remember when I bought it (aside from it being in October) and since I'm going to be out of town next weekend, I thought I'd see what (if anything) Apply could do for me right now.

So I took it in to the Norfolk Apple store tonight and I was totally blown away.

After a 5 minute wait the girl behind the counter took a look at my phone and listened to me fess up to causing the crack but not knowing what was up with the bubbles and she immediately volunteered that they could replace the screen under warranty.

She checked with her manager and even though it was about 50 minutes before the store closed they put me on their wait list and within 30 minutes I walked out of the store with my trusty iPhone and a pristine screen.

There are plenty of things that Apple does which I am not crazy about, but I'm very happy with their warranty service tonight.