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iron man down but not out


... it's been just about 2 months since I made an actual personal post. That won't do.

I'm doing ok though. Not everything has worked out as I had hoped, but on the whole I think that life is going in a good direction and I'm making an effort to get back into working on things that I enjoy. I let work and other things kind of drag me a down a bit but it's time to get off my ass and get stuff done. It helps that work is going along pretty well and I'm really looking forward to stuff that I have lined up (which I'll post about later) so now I just need to build up some momentum and have some fun being my usual strange geeky self :-)

So yeah, I'm still here and I am once again resolving to get back into the swing of posting. Let's see how long I can do it for this time around :-)


lol, glad you didn't unfriend me! i'm glad to hear that life is good, in general, and look forward to hearing more about stuff!

it's been about 19 weeks since i updated... umm, maybe i'll post, too.