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It looks like I'm finally going to start doing interviews for prospective MIT students. I'd volunteered to do it years ago, back in El Paso, but I never heard back about it until (of course) this past spring when I was out here. On a lark I went ahead and checked with the EC office anyways and it turns out they could definitely use someone else to do interviews out here so voila.

I'm mildly worried since it's been a long time since I was interviewed for MIT and I haven't been the interviewer for too many things since then, but I'm also pretty excited about the whole process so I'm looking forward to it.

Of course it is a bit odd to realize that all the kids I'm interviewing were born in the 90s.


I had a lot of fun doing that, too bad I now live in a totally MIT-saturated area where they don't need me. My strategy was basically to do my best to get the kids talking about the things that they find exciting. Usually I'd start by asking them about their extracurricular activities because that usually lead to something they were passionate about but not always. I'd tell them point blank - my goal here is to learn what you're passionate about not about your grades and how well you do academically - MIT already knows all that, I'm trying to get a more personal feel for you. Occasionally I would find a kid who I could just not get talking no matter what, but most of them after asking them to list their activities and tell me about one or who I would hit on something that would make their eyes light up. And if they were interested enough it would interest me so I'd come up with followup questions to keep them talking. I'd also ask them about things like how they handle time-management (because certainly for me that was a MAJOR thing about MIT I was not totally prepared for so I'd like to know they've at least considered it) and relatedly how they balance academics with extracurriculars.

Hopefully that was somewhat helpful :) All my interview reports were rated 4s and 5s (they rate you on a 1-5 scale in terms of how helpful the report was to the admissions staff) so apparently I was doing something right :)