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Even though the addition isn't ready I went ahead and dog-proofed (I hope) what was in there, broke out the one spare dog bed I had left (Saks is hard on dog beds... note to self go buy another one tomorrow) and cranked up the electric heater in the family room before letting the girls in for the night.

It's been getting into the 20s lately and its supposed to get even colder this week so I decided to suck it up and see how they handled sleeping indoors. Hopefully they won't make a huge mess (I fed them this morning for this very reason) but even if they trash the carpet a bit that's going away soon anyways so it's not a big deal. The really nice thing will be later this week when the carpenters come back out here and finish up the addition and put up the insulation. Then the back of the house will stop feeling like an ice box and the dogs will be able to learn to sleep inside before I put in the wood floors back there.

They're currently confined to the "family room" area since Zhaan really can't handle stairs anymore and Saks has never been properly house trained, but she's probably more realiable than Zhaan nowadays (Zhaan will not go outside if it's rainy, wet, etc... so that's a pain). Plus I really do like the wood floors in the rest of the house ;-).

.... Pause ....

Well, they've been in there for about 20 minutes so far and I haven't heard a peep so I'm going to risk it and go upstairs to bed. Wish us luck!


Hee! Good luck!

...also, how old is Zhaan now?
Looks like we had successful night. No apparent accidents or escape attempts.

She's about 10.5 now. She seems to have very limited vision and her hips aren't in great shape any more so stairs are a challenge :-(
Hurrah for success. Also...wow. Time is indeed passing.