Dragon -V- (dragonvpm) wrote,
Dragon -V-

Still alive!

Yes, it's true, I am still alive. Nothing particularly earth shattering has been going on lately, I've just been busy with work and then coming home to putter around the house and/or unwind depending on the day.

However my sister and nephews are en route to Virginia again with the last big batch of my stuff (this has got to be one of the slowest moves in history) and I'm looking forward to finally having all my stuff in one place again. I'll be able to grill! I'll have all my tools! toys! books! Of course then I'm going to promptly go through my things and throw out stuff that isn't useful any more (I didn't get a chance to do that when I originally moved out here because that move was so rushed).

I'm also hoping to get a little help wrapping up some house projects so with a little luck in a week or so my house will no longer look like a construction site (or at least it'll look a lot less like one).

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