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sad eeyore

RIP Morticia a/k/a Ninja Cat :-(

My little black cat died tonight. It was a sudden and surprising end to a great little cat.

I'm doing ok, but I will definitely miss that anti-social little critter (there's something cool about being loved by a critter that generally dislikes everyone else).

I'll miss you 'Tish, you were a great little cat.



Our little grey beastie is like that - Auros is her person and she adores him and fuck anyone else (including me, though she kinda tolerates that I feed her sometimes).
sorry for your loss. funny, molly was the same way-- that is, disliking everyone else.
Sorry for your loss :(
Sorry to hear that.
oh... i'm so sad to hear that. i'll give our antisocial black cat that loves us and no-one else a hug tonight!
Sorry to hear about Morticia. :(
That's tough. Sorry to hear, hope you're hanging in there.