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purple dragon

Fortune Cookie Say...

The parental units treated me to Chinese food. It was a fun lunch. We avoided all the touchy subjects. Oddly enough, even though we do disagree on many points, politics is usually not one of the touchy subjects. We spent a good portion of lunch discussing the impending closure of the Tigua Indians Casino (it's about a mile from my house), and I made several good points that they seem to have agreed with. I should rant about it, but not just this minute. I'm feeling a food coma coming on.

Oh, I got a nifty fortune cookie.

Fortune Cookie Say: "Nothing in the world is accomplished without passion"; Lucky Numbers 4, 8, 15, 30, 32, 45; Learn - May I have the check please? = Chinese - Qing gei wo zhang-dan

Not bad considering that I once got a completely blank fortune from a fortune cookie. Apparently this is a very Bad Thing (tm).


You're supposed to be 21+, but at least at Speaking Rock, I know that they don't always check (of course that's the one that's closing). Technically it's supposed to be run like a private club (hence the card-carrying member remark), but they are fairly lose with how they do that and I know several people (i.e. my niece and her friends) who have gotten in and gambled without being 21+

Legally they were only supposed to let "members" in and you had to be 21+ to become a member.