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Falling off the wagon....

The quiz wagon at least. It's been a while and most quizzes annoy me now, but how could I possibly resist:

I'm Jack!


I was surfing journals and just had to comment on yours. It's one of the best I have seen. You did an excellent job on the style and you have some great content. Namaste, Melani (Seraphinah)


Thanks for your kind words. I spent a good portion of this weekend re-doing my journal so I'm quite pleased to hear that it looks good. It's particularly gratifying to hear that from someone who has put so much care and effort into her own website and journal.


Re: Danyavad

Thank you, you are very sweet to say that. I enjoyed your website, especially all the photos. You need a Guestbook...so your fans can sign it..I looked and couldn't find one. *hugs* Melani

Re: Danyavad

I enjoyed exploring your website as well. It's well designed and you've got quite a nice selection of great photos :).

I've thought about getting a guestbook (not that I have many fans ;), but I haven't found one that really appeals yet. I had been keeping an online journal by hand for the same reason until I found lj. I guess that when it comes to webstuff I'm a bit of a control freak.

I'm glad that you commented to my journal. You've got some interesting writings that I've been keeping up with of late. *hugs*

Re: Danyavad

I really understand about the Guestbook thing. I only recently put one back up after years of refusing to have one. I have it set where entries have to be approved before they are shown.

I can be a control freak about the Net too..I think people should be more careful in that respect. I'm very picky about who I am in contact with online, not because I am a snob but I've been on long enough to learn it can sometimes get pretty scary.

I am glad I commented in your journal too...I've read it for awhile and was kinda "lurking" long enough to find out you are genuine and a very nice guy. *Hugs* Melani

Re: Danyavad

You're right, there are some really scary folks out in the ether.

However, I'm glad to see that my journal is attracting such a high-calibre of lurkers :). Thanks for your comments, it's very cool to hear someone say stuff like that.