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Sex in the City.... (the show)

Ok, SitC is really starting to freak me out now. Aside from some random stuff that I could totally identify with, the whole fortune cookie thing is a little too close to home. Although since real life doesn't have good script writers (but it should) I didn't think to say:

"I have no fortune. I didn't need a cookie to tell me that."

However, truer words were never spoken :). Oh, that and who the heck has friends who could cough up $30k? Everyone she knows could somehow come up with either the down payment (after already owning their own apartments) or all the cash outright. Sheesh. No matter how good I'm ever doing financially, I doubt that I will ever have $30,000.00 in liquid assets unless I knock off a bank.

Well, I'm going to go take some pictures of the city and feel poor now :).

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