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This shouldn't be that difficult....

So lately we've started to have a new problem at work.

Hang-up calls. While I was trying to find out something useful from the ever (not) wonderful Southwestern Bell, I learned that apparently, if the auto-dialer that a telemarketer uses calls and they don't have anyone available to harass you then the machine will hang up.... WTF?!?!? That's annoying. Oh, and the trace center hung-up on me after their machine imparted that little bit of wisdom (hmmmm here's some salt, let me see that wound of yours). So, I called them back and bugged one of their actual operators. She informed me that they have *57 (costs $7.00 though) which can trace calls. Umm... no.

So now I'm going to get in touch with the good old state attorney general and look into putting all our #s on the Texas Do Not Call list. Grr.... Judging by the sudden increase in calls lately, I suspect that most telemarketers decided that previous "Please do not call me back" requests that we made to them directly didn't count if we aren't on the new state DNC list.

What I really want to know is does anyone actually buy sh** errr stuff from telemarketers at this point? I don't think I know anyone who likes telemarketers or who doesn't tell them to stop calling when they call. Honestly, I think that I'd be more likely to give someone my business (purely on principle) if they explicitly guaranteed that they do not telemarket. Bleh.
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