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It's (mediocre) picture time :-/

Hmmm well last night wasn't a total bust, but I didn't get anywhere near as many nice shots as I had hoped. Here are a couple of halfway decent ones and some photography musings....

2 countries, 1 picture...

I took the above from the top of scenic drive. In the upper right corner, you can see a black area within the lights. That's the Rio Grande (Big River). Thanks to all the damns and the fact that this is a desert it's more of a stream sometimes. Anyways, that's the division between the U.S. (most of the picture), and Mexico (the top right corner). The other thing of note is that you can see a little bit of the Earth's curvature. One of the things that usually seems to throw people when they see this for the first time is just how much space these cities take up. From the top of Scenic Drive you get at least 180 degrees of view and the city fills up almost all of it as far as the eye can see. We more or less define "urban sprawl"

Dark Flag

There are two small parks near the top of Scenic Drive. This was taken from the higher one. I was really hoping that this shot of the flag would come out a bit better, but oh well. I'm not terribly happy with my digital camera right now. With my SLR, I know this picture would have come out a lot better. The Boston pictures that I posted this weekend were taken using either my SLR or my P&S camera. Since part of my job this morning involves waiting for some calls and stuff, I'm doing research to see if any of the available digital cameras could compare to a good, basic SLR or a high end P&S. I really want to move fully into digital photography because I just don't have access to adequate dark room facilities and I really miss being able to capture the scenes that I run across on my travels and just day-to-day as I run around town.

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