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It's (mediocre) picture time :-/

Hmmm well last night wasn't a total bust, but I didn't get anywhere near as many nice shots as I had hoped. Here are a couple of halfway decent ones and some photography musings....

2 countries, 1 picture...

I took the above from the top of scenic drive. In the upper right corner, you can see a black area within the lights. That's the Rio Grande (Big River). Thanks to all the damns and the fact that this is a desert it's more of a stream sometimes. Anyways, that's the division between the U.S. (most of the picture), and Mexico (the top right corner). The other thing of note is that you can see a little bit of the Earth's curvature. One of the things that usually seems to throw people when they see this for the first time is just how much space these cities take up. From the top of Scenic Drive you get at least 180 degrees of view and the city fills up almost all of it as far as the eye can see. We more or less define "urban sprawl"

Dark Flag

There are two small parks near the top of Scenic Drive. This was taken from the higher one. I was really hoping that this shot of the flag would come out a bit better, but oh well. I'm not terribly happy with my digital camera right now. With my SLR, I know this picture would have come out a lot better. The Boston pictures that I posted this weekend were taken using either my SLR or my P&S camera. Since part of my job this morning involves waiting for some calls and stuff, I'm doing research to see if any of the available digital cameras could compare to a good, basic SLR or a high end P&S. I really want to move fully into digital photography because I just don't have access to adequate dark room facilities and I really miss being able to capture the scenes that I run across on my travels and just day-to-day as I run around town.


Heh, actually...

...I've always thought of this area as a large metropolis full o' Mexicans who think they're in a small town. That seems like the only way to explain our schizo public policies and weird politics.

I do the same thing with my friends and scenic drive. Once they get over the shock of just how huge this city is, they marvel at the fact that it's built around and on top of a mountain the way it is. I've found that this is a really great mix of everything, rich/poor, urban/suburban, city/nature, etc... If you wander around town a bit you can find all sorts of interesting combinations and scenes.

Re: Totally true

Well, I'm more of the wannabe writer type, so I can only imagine how cool that must be, but as an avid photographer, I know that there are few places quite as beeeeyoootiful as the southwest.

Now if only I could sort out my camera situation I'd be a happy camper (one of the big pluses to writing, paper an pencils are much cheaper than cameras and film :).

Yeah, deifnately ouch.

I'm in much the same boat, although my photography equipment tends to also be computer equipment. The lines are a little blurry, but the bottom one is still quite expensive.

Actually stuff like that is what I was relating to on SitC this weekend. The part where Carrie is complaining to Miranda about not having money and Miranda points out the 100 pairs of shoes x $400.00 a pair = $40,000.00. I can totally relate. There are times that I haven't had a penny to my name but when it comes to getting stuff I want, I can always seem to figure out a way to do it.

Re: Yeah, deifnately ouch.

My first reaction was to go "Hey!" then I stopped and thought and well, yeah, basically.

Except that I don't look anywhere near as hot as she does :-p. I'd love to write a column like hers though :).

$4.50 a word from Vogue?!?!

I dunno, I always wondered the opposite. I mean we ever only see her type like one or two lines of text and with all her running around doing stuff we almost never really see her do much work and yet she seems to have a nicely fabulous life in Manhattan. Heck that's one of the neat things about being a columnist in her world :)

Re: $4.50 a word from Vogue?!?!

Yes, Carrie is the 90s Lois Lane :). I think the whole SitC crowd is very highly divorced from reality. The plots tend to be really well done and you can relate to them very easily, but they just don't have the same kind of worries that the common folks have.

For instance, where did Aiden get $600,000.00 to buy the two apartments in the first place? We hardly ever see him working or saying anything substantial about work, and yet he's apparently really really loaded.

Out of curiosity, what kind of money would a real columnist make?