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Makes you wonder...

Questionable eBay situation. I bid on something recently and lost. The person who listed it sent me an e-mail saying he had another one and offered it to me for $20 less than it had gone for in the auction. I was debating the pros and cons (the item was still a little pricey) and had decided to wait until item came up again (it wasn't particularly rare, just something I hadn't seen too often). Guess what, seller listed another of the same item (actually he listed at least 5 or so of the same item this time) and put the buy it now option for $20 less than he had offered it to me for yesterday.

So what did I do?

I used the "buy it now" option at $40 less than the first auction and for approximately what I would consider an acceptable price (less than half of what some poor sap had to pay for it :).

Auctions are weird.


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