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A Cartoon for you this morning.....

Hmmm I've been having those "deep thought" type ideas wrt race issues recently and I remembered this cartoon:

Just something to keep things in perspective :)


Hey, I had that in my journal a couple months ago! :) It's sitting on my fridge, too. That's how I've always felt about race. Black and white my butt. It's more like brown and peach and burnt umber and stuff. ;)

That explains it :)

I figured I swiped it from someone :-p. At least I've always accused you of having good taste, so it's cool ;).

I feel much the same way, but I do tend to get a little pissy when I see threads like this one from friends.

I always thought this cartoon was cool because it kinda goes to a skewed view of races/etchnicities/cultures. It's not black and white, but a whole lotta greys. I like the infinate variety that shades like burnt umber and pale alabaster ;) provide. It's the box of 8 crayons vs the mega 64 box. However, lately I'm noticing a disturbing trend to try and completely ignore the shades in the name of political correctness. I get annoyed with people who are their cultures, but I really like people who appreciate and know their families history and culture.

Personally I love the variety. I think it's so neat to hear about how friend X celebrates thanksgiving, or hannuk... (err you know which one ;) and compare it to how I do or how my holidays match up to theirs etc... I think it's awesome to see all the little differences across cultures and yet a lot of folks seem to equate that with racism or something. Or they seem to think that if we don't acknowledge the variety, then the racism will go away.

So - yeah, that's what I was contemplating when I ran across this cartoon, thanks for posting it that first time around :)

Re: That explains it :)

Unfortunately humans just can't seem to get along. Since time began they have split into different sects for one reason or another. This is why there is so much unrest in the world. Tribes hate other tribes...religions hate other religions. Thousands of innocent people die because one group chooses to call their God Allah and another group doesn't.

I live in the deep south, where prejudice against blacks is probably worse (still) than any other place in the states. My best female friend is black and my best male friend is full blood Cherokee. They both are part of my family...my spiritual family. I learned a long time ago to try my best to see the big picture because souls have no color. We are all the same, just evolving at different paces.

We are here to overcome our "humanness" and learn various lessons and sadly it's an almost impossible struggle...but not entirely.

All we have to do is look at the whole picture...try to view the world as one big family. Will we be able to finally learn from the past and do that? Right now it isn't looking so good.

As individuals the best we can do is and sit by and watch it all play itself out, which is frustrating as hell, or send as much love out there as we can, and hope for the best.

Your comments were the most insightful ones in that thread, by the way. *Hugs*...Melani

Re: That explains it :)

Thanks, I was a little worried that I was going to sound a bit too rabid in those posts. I mean I totally stand behind what I said, but I still feel a little strange when I put things like that out there in that way.

You made some really good points in what you said, and you did it in a much more elegant way. I really need to work on controling my temper when I'm in rant mode :).


Re: That explains it :)

Lol@rabid...there's a visual!? I didn't think you were rabid at all, I think you were very eloquent.*HUGS* Melani