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Back in the day....

I was making a few small adjustments to my friends page, and I randomly decided to do a quick search for some html tags that I was curious about. I found them and a bunch of other that are relatively new and I came to one conclusion. I'm getting old... or at the very least I'm becoming obsolete :). I think I need to learn how to use some of the new bells and whistles out there.

I also saw how/why so many folks can make some truly hideous web pages (and styles) now. At least back in the day if you were going to do bad HTML it was just going to be boring and have a bunch of broken links and images. Now there are so many random things you can tweak and tweak incorrectly that it's possible to generate pages that take 5 minutes to load (with pure text), look like shit, will crash your browser when you click on stuff, and call you names while they're at it.

Random thought: I'm not that old and yet I am already quite fond of telling "back in the day" stories.... That can't be a good sign ;).

Oh well, I think I need to rotate my icons and come up with a new style for dragonzworkshop. Yep, definitely getting old. That and watching some random DVDs sounds like a damn cool weekend. At least I'm still sleep depriving myself like a college kid should :). However, at this rate I'll probably be going to bed at 9pm in a couple years :-p.

I'm hungry....


Well, if it makes you feel better you can be obsolete like me :)