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3 down, 37 to go....

...or something like that.

Well it's been raining on an off since late Friday. Most of you may not think much about it if it rains for 3 days straight, but technically this is a desert and when it rains this much people start acting like it's that big flood, you know the 40 day 40 night one. The scary thing being that for the year we have only gotten about 0.30"-0.31" I'm expecting to hear about lots of accidents today. Oh well, time to go dust off that ark :)



I'm up in Alamogordo,NM... It's snowing here right now. Damn weather... It's been like this for days, I'm sick of it... this is the desert, where's the sun?! Lol... Yeah, People nearly get killed here when we get like .5 inches of snow. Some people just plain worry me.

Re: Brrrrrrrrrrrrr

I love the weather like this...cool/cold, drizzly/rainy, overcast and gray... I'd rather put up with bad drivers b/c there's ways around them, but it's hard to avoid a big bright sun most of the time hehe :o)

Re: Brrrrrrrrrrrrr

Spoken like someone who's always lived in the desert :-p. This kind of weather gets a lot less appealing when you have to put up with it for more than a few days and you have to walk or wait for public transportation. cool/cold is ok and drizzly/rainy is ok, but not at the same time.

Re: There is no good way around bad drivers short of staying home. I'm no big fan of sunshine and birghtness, but considering how much worse drivers get when it's wet, I'd be much happier if it were dry right about now. It's not that the bad drivers aren't bad enough normally, just that many more normally ok-ish drivers qualify as bad drivers when it's this wet.

Re: Brrrrrrrrrrrrr

Some people just plain worry me.

That statement is true regardless of the weather ;)