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Still raining....

Bleh, I think I know what it is. I miss sunrise and sunset. Even though sunny days are never happy for my eyes, I like seeing a good sunrise/dawn or sunset/dusk. You know those moments right when it's light enough to see, but dark enough for the lights to be on in the city. I dunno, I like rainy drizzly times too, but not for days at a time. I know that would drive me bonkers at times when I was in Boston (going for a couple of weeks not seeing the sun at all). I guess I have a love/hate relationship with the sun.

One thing that I realized when I was in Boston was that I really rely on the sun to keep track of the day. If I'm out in the field, I can more or less tell what time it is just by where the sun is (and I'm usually right to within 15 minutes or so). Winters in Boston where weird at first because for the first few years, my solar clock would be all wonky due to the fact that the sun wouldn't quite go far enough up during the day. I kept thinking that it was really early or really late when in fact it was like noon.

It felt like the day would suddenly go from 9-10am to 3-4pm. I mean obviously I could look at my watch and see what time it was, but it felt weird. It only started to feel ok during the last couple of years I was there, and then when I came back here, the days were instantly the right length again.

So anyways, I'm feeling kinda blah today, although I did figure out how to make the really really good steak quesadillas that Angel makes (she made some during the game on Sunday). I had those for dinner and they made me quite happy :). Of course now I'm feeling like I should make them slightly smaller in the future ;). Eh, the one good thing about evenings like this is that I actually made progress on that vague amorphous story I'm writing.

All right, time to go do something else.

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