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everyone else is doing it....

Well this is jetgrrl01's fault :)


and I came across this thanks to mindme

Apparently, with my wrist size of 8" the following would my "Grecian Ideals"

Your ideal chest size is: 52"
Your ideal waist size is: 36.4"
Your ideal hip size is : 44.20"
Your ideal bicep size is: 18.72"
Your ideal forearm size is: 15.08"
Your ideal thigh size is: 27.56"
Your ideal calf size is: 17.68"
Your ideal neck size is: 19.24"

Hmmm despite being somewhat out of shape, I'm not horribly off on most of those (and a few are spot on). I don't know if I want to try looking like the "Grecian Ideal" but I think its a better standard to shoot for than say Homer Simpson :). Personally I would rather keep an eye on something like this than shooting for N lbs (where N is my "ideal" weight). Even when I've been working out like mad (back in my rugby days) I've never been able to get to my ideal weight. At one point I had quasi-washboard abs and relatively little fat and I was still about 40 lbs above my "ideal" weight.. Then again, I could also do about 1,000 lbs on the leg press :).

This is kind of neat. Stuff like this makes me want to get back into shape because I know I can work to get to those numbers whereas aiming for "ideal" weight was always just really depressing... Gosh darn it, I'm inspired, I'm going to go work out now!

(or maybe after this next show.... ;)

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