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Say it ain't so....

Well this seems to be my week for... ummm "borrowing" stuff from other places lately....

This gem came from lonestarstate's user page:

*sigh* as much as I would like to claim stuff like that doesn't happen out here... well, it does. I remember when I was in high school, the only group that got funding comparable to the athletics department was the FFA (future farmers of america). During one of the first bits of renovations in my high school, the FFA got a big chunk of a new building while non-essential things like the math and science departments and the library had to make do in 30, 50 and 70 year old rooms. Yup, the Ysleta Independent School district sure did have it's priorities straight.


and ironically, I think Ysleta HS has decreased it's FFA program. I know they don't have the farm anymore...but not sure how big FFA is at the high school (it's definitly not what it was when we were there)...which I guess means there's a lot less cocaine addicts on campus LOL