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Keyboard Test....

Now that I'm a little less stressed I figured I'd geek out a bit. So, check it out. I'm typing this on the good old Palm Vx with the handy dandy keyboard. You know, if I could do this when I was in college, I would have probably taken all of my notes like this.

Despite being a dedicated geek, I still find it amazing that I can carry around a full fledged computer keyboard setup like this. If I had some extra $$ to burn I could even have a color screen or an Ipaq w/ Linux on it (pardon me while I drool a bit :).

Ok, I'm convinced. This keyboard gizmo is really cool :). Oh, and here are a couple of pictures of this setup (FYI)

You can also see the Palm's nicely vandalized case and my leash (a.k.a. cell phone)

Here's a close up of the case. I have to be a little careful about who's around and who can see it when I whip it out in public... (come to think of it, that's good advice for just about anything that one might whip out in public ;)

And here's the phone. Note the groovy green on black pseudo-LED display. That was the main reason that I got this phone instead of one of the others that had more bells & whistles... You gotta consider the style factor :)

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