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Random House Pictures....

I was wandering about my parent's house earlier, and I happened to notice how cool (in a weird sort of way) the pool area looks. Keep in mind that it's winter right now and even though it's a bit warm in these parts, most of the plants around the pool are quasi-tropical....

Check it out:

My dad built the house, pool, and then the pool enclosure over the past 27 years or so. It's gone through a lot of changes in that time. The pool was an outdoor pool for about 10 years, and the pool is about a year younger than the house itself.

He also built the fountain below a few years ago.

My dad's a bit like a warped Bob Villa :)


I looked at the picture and went "wow." hehe.. his mom had LOTS of plants back when we were in HS and such, but it's starting to look like a contained rainforest/jungle hehe...its' pretty damn cool


The plants have always been my dad's thing. He'll do sappy things like give my mom flowers from the bazillion flower producing plants in the house/yard or they'll sit in the little garden areas and talk etc..., but my dad's the one that digs (errr plants? :) the plants.


Yes, I've known that bastard for nearly 10 years LOL....j/k...he's cool. We met in/around our sophomore year, but got to be better friends prolly our junior/senior year.


People like that are just jealous b/c their HS experiences sucked! haha.. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hung up on and/or tout HS accomplishments. HS was in the past. It was fun. It's funny to occassionally reminise, but generally things that happened in the past are left in the past as far as how I deal with things. Especially now that I've been out for nearly 8 years hehe
Heh, he's very cool (from time to time).
Well, in general, I do think he's cool, but remember, he's always built stuff and he's taught me to build stuff, so I tend to end up looking at the stuff that he puts off doing or doesn't do because he doesn't feel like etc... Sometimes he's like a little kid and it does get on my nerves. Eh, ain't family grand?
That is about the coolest thing I've ever seen! I'm so jealous!

Thanks :)

Heh, you should see the rest of the jungle :)
Ahhh, I want a pool area...
i love it!!!

It reminds me of Zacatecas.