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Hmm.... missing a little something....

Heh, I'm not sure which is funnier/sadder.

Dave brought over Ghost World so we could watch it on the big screen and we ended up watching Strange World on Sci-Fi first. Then, when I was about to put Ghost World in the the DVD player, I picked up the box and just did one of those smile, shakes head things because I could tell that the box was empty just by picking it up. Of course, then I had to open it to be sure. So Dave hustled back to his place to bring the all important DVD (good thing he lives close by). It was just one of those randomly amusing "I need to get out more, I can actually tell that a DVD box is empty by picking it up"

Is it obvious that I'm a big time movie nut? I can detect an abscence of about 2 oz in the box :). This is the only reason that I haven't done the same thing when I've taken a DVD somewhere, I'll be like "the box is too light"... I can also do that with CDs.... yikes, just yikes.

Ok, Dave is back with DVD, time for movie now... ttfn


Silly boys! :)
Trix are for... ? :)


You crack me up. I can do that too. It will be our little secret.

I noticed you have late night posts. How late are you up? I'm starting graves for the next month... that could lead to a lot of interesting, sleep-deprived comments...beware... bwahahahaha!

Re: VIC!

I'm usually up until 2 or 3 am most mornings and then up again by 6 or 7.

I look forward to hearing the sleep deprived comments :)
ha! funny...i do the same thing. not sure if i can with DVDs, but definitely with CDs.
Well, I've noticed that DVDs tend to rattle more than CDs whenever you pick them up so there's a telltale noise associated with almost all full DVD cases vs the empty ones... Ok I've put too much thought into that :)
You should talk to gerber1701! He was just talking about that movie as being on his list to watch when he got home from work.

Unless you already know him...*cackle*

hmmmm interesting... ummm.... recomendation? :)