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I'm ba-aaack.....

I had a good time visiting the Queen, and I picked up my Pampered Chef stuff this afternoon so that's good. Nothing to exciting to report. We hung out, had a reasonably good lunch (although she prefers food quite a bit less spicy than I do so it was a little blah), and watched several hours of Buffy. All in all a pretty good afternoon, and I behaved and did not pursue things. While we were eating I realized something very important

(a High Fidelity moment coming up)

I realized that none of my current interests would inspire me to make them a mix tape/CD. That's never happened before :-/. I remember the first couple of nights that I spent with Raven and how easily I could come up with songs that I wanted her to hear. Songs that captured things that I couldn't put into words. I remember how psyched she would be when I gave her some new mix CD (yay the joys of CD-burners). I may have weird taste in music sometimes, but I also know a lot of a good stuff so I could always come up with something interesting and fun for the people I was involved with. On some level that was because I knew them well enough that I just knew what they might like (I was usually right). Right at this moment, I couldn't tell you what any of my interests really like. I don't have a good feel for any of them and I'm not sure if that's because I haven't tried to figure this out because I'm not interested, or if that connection just isn't there so I can't figure it out.

Either way though, that makes me feel better about not pursuing anyone actively. I know, how horrible, I can't come up with music that they would like. Big deal right? Well, yeah, that is a big deal. I spend as much time as possible listening to music. Music has been there for me through some of the worst and some of the best times in my life. How can I not know what stuff would appeal to these women?

Hmmm to continue with the theme, here are the Top 5 Songs that'll make me all shmoopy about relationships

5) INXS - Never Tear us Apart
4) Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling in Love
3) Lena Horn - Moon River
2) Mozart - Dies Irae
1) Don Mclean - American Pie

Top 5 Songs to listen to get unshmoopy

5) Cake - I Will Survive
4) Lush - Ciao
3) Shocore - Bonecracker
2) Space - Mr Psycho
1) Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive

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