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Conversating the night away....

Taken from a very fun conversation this evening:

DragnMx: Heh, no wonder we have no $$ :)
DragnMx: tattoos, cameras, clothes.... just the neccesities in life.
xxxxxxxx: and hookers.
xxxxxxxx: lets not forget about them ;)
DragnMx: Yeah, but I haven't figured out how to expense them on the business report so I tend to not list them :)
xxxxxxxx: haha. yeah. I wish I could write off all my hookers. So much $$$
DragnMx: No kidding. I think the tattoos could be written off as accupunture, but I can't come up with a good category for the hookers. Perhaps therapy?
DragnMx:Put them under medical perhaps? :)
xxxxxxxx: hehe. Well, you might be needing medial AFTER wards.
DragnMx: that's true.
DragnMx: eh, I should just stick to lusting after women that I'm not going to have sex with and save myself the money and the aggravation :)
xxxxxxxx: That's what I do.
DragnMx: what's sad though is that I don't miss the sex, I miss the curling up with someone and sleeping with them. Its the innnocent human contact that I miss most lately, not the wild, passionate, hanging-off-the-chandeliers monkey sex (although I wouldn't mind some of that from time to time as well).
xxxxxxxx: hmmm, I just miss the monkey sex. (i'm awful)
DragnMx: eh, I don't have the energy for monkey sex. I need those 4 hours of sleep that I do get most nights.
xxxxxxxx: I don't either. It just sounds good in theory.
DragnMx: So lacking the energy for good old fashioned monkey sex, curling up with someone to sleep sounds like a good idea.

I need to have more conversations like this. I was amused, I amused the other person, and I got some much needed tattoo advice. Besides any conversation where you can use the phrase wild, passionate, hanging-off-the-chandeliers monkey sex and not have the other person look shocked, distrubed, or change the subject is good.


To clarify for those of you watching at home/work. A while back, Dave and I where having a conversation about... well... monkey sex. I don't remember the details but it revolved around Dave, his current (and now evil ex-) girlfriend and actual primate sex. I think some of it had to do with the fact that Dave and co. had recently engaged in monkey sex and I only had fond memories of some long past monkey sex and no prospects on the horizon at that moment.

Still though, it was really really funny, and eventually Dave ended up chanting that (points to previous comment) while we were driving home.

At some point he realized what he was doing and I was practically ROTFLMAO (only the seatbelt kept me from doing so).

Hmmmm do you remember what the actual conversation was Dave?


I was talking about actual monkey sex. It was in reference to the Little Ceasar's commercial where the orangutan takes the 2 female orangutans over 1 and the comment was that in 24 hours he'd be saying, "No More Monkey Sex!" It had nothing to do with my exgf and myself thank you
Are you sure we never extended that to you and your ex? I seem to recall the phrase "No more monkey sex" coming up many times in the past year or two since then.


it was last year, while driving down Joe Battle near Rojas...that was the first and only time I mentioned it.