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Meltdown Imminent....

I got a good bit of work done today.

I've almost finished the drawings I needed to do and I did a good bit of running around in the oh-so-pleasant dust storm. Days like this make me glad that I wear the wrap around goggles when I'm out and about in the day.

Blah. I think the brain chemistry is out of whack tonight. I'm feeling all weird/bad and I'm not sure exactly what's up. Too much stress with the family. Brother R was a real pain this afternoon. He was making a bunch of non-helpful business suggestions and trying to convince me that he was right and I was just getting annoyed. It seems like everyone is tired and frustrated about the various money problems and I'm getting fucking tired of people whining about things.

I am sooooo ready to cut and run. Of course I won't, because I just wouldn't do that, but I'm finding less and less to keep me here.

Bleh. I would just like to tell the world at large (but not my friends), with all of its bad drivers, obnoxious civil servants, confusing interests etc... to fuck off and leave me alone. I'm tired of giving a shit what people in general think or want. I'm just going to worry about keeping an eye out for the people I care about (until they drive me insane) and all the evil annoying craptastic people out there can just feel free to not exist now.

That is all.

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