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Fun with Chemicals Part Duh...

It's amazing how much better I feel after having a piece of homemade blueberry bread, a glass of milk and watching about half of Snatch. I'm going to have to check out that movie from the begining now.

Oh, and a couple of glasses of scotch helped too.

Time for bed.


Mmmm homemade blueberry bread... Drool...
Heh, I'll make some for you when you wander out this way again.


I have that problem all the damned time. how often do you see me say "damned stupid chemicals!" in my journal? (hint: the answer rhymes with 'hots')

Re: dude

Actually it was from reading your journal that I realized that was a good way to explain my weird moods.

I feel lame wanting to post something like "I feel like crap, wah, life sucks". I mean I may get around to saying that, but I think it makes more sense when I mention that I can tell that it's some brain chemsitry thing and not just random whining. Not that there's anything wrong with random whining, but it feels good to know that a lot of times the whole weird moods thing is totally just in my head and not connected to actual events.

That way, I just have to sit it out and wait until it passes and I don't feel like I need to do something about or deal with something because of it.
I love that movie.
It's all about the squeaky dog.
heh, the squeaky dog had me confused for a while. That was one cool mutt though.

This is the first time that I've decided that a movie gets into my top 10 before I've actually seen it the whole way through. I think what sold me was that bit towards the end with the pint of milk and the 2 accidents it caused. That was fucking hilarious.
Oh my god, the Russian taking those halting steps in the middle of the road, with the bag over his head... *rolling*
That's got to be my favorite part of the movie.
I really liked how the movie came together in the end. It was good throughout, but just the way they put it together to tie-up all the loose ends was awesome.

Oh, and the Russion guy that wouldn't die had some of the funniest shit going on. Like when he crunches Tommy's balls, god I couldn't stop laughing... or when Tony shoots him in the hallways and he just won't die... "you missed me...".... man, I have not laughed so hard in ages.