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Snatch is good... (DS=10)

Well, I was inspired to go buy Snatch this evening.... The movie sickos :)

Dave & I watched it a while ago amd I gotta say, wow. It's an awesome movie. My DVD player had some issues with it, but at least now I can get around to buying a new one in a few months without feeling guilty about it. This is one of those movies that I don't really have much to say because it's just so... cool and everything is just spot on. The casting was amazing, the script and dialogue were excellent, and the filming, sound (squeak squeak squeak), and soundtracks were just right. I have no complaints with the movie. I can't think of anything I'd want to change in it. It's a solid 10. I would recommend it to all of my friends, but it's not for everyone. It's a Pulp Fiction-esque movie (convoluted plot, lots of concurrent stories, doesn't totally make sense until the very end) without as much of the graphic depictions of violence. That's not a knock on either movie, it's just a notable difference because I know some of my friends wouldn't watch Pulp Fiction because of the on-screen violence. This movie has more than it's share of violence, but it handles it much more elegantly (think hearing dull thud instead of seeing a bat cracking open someone's head).

Oh, and as hillhouse said, "It's all about the squeaky dog." :)

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