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What are the odds.....

Ok, this particular bit of amusement deserves it's own entry.

His ultra-goofiness Dave was responsable for this one.

So we're chilling out at the movie theatre a bit before the movie (more of that later). We're talking about how lame M$ is about it's spyware and how it likes using it's EULA to sodomize it's customers. So we're totally geeking out and then Dave goes quiet for a second. He motions to some people walking off to the side behind me, I turn around and lo and behold, it's Dave's oh-so-not-beloved ex. Dave has this slight look of confusion because a) she had always claimed to not like Carmike (the theatre we happened to be in) and b) she was with her previous ex (i.e. the one before el Dave).

All right, so we both kind of go "Huh? That's weird." and Dave says something to the effect of "Man, what are the odds that she'd be here when we are" to which I reply (while deep in though)...ummmm about 1... 1:0 right? Dave looks at me and is about to say something but then stops because well, those are the odds. We both just crack up because it wasn't meant as a joke it was my honest first reaction. He needs to have a little sign that says "rhetorical question" before he asks it, otherwise if I'm in heavy geek mode, forget it :).

A while later, we where hanging out in my office geeking out about cars (Psyche in particular) and he says "Wouldn't it be funny if the engine was so powerful that it just ripped forward out of the truck like in the cartoons" which gets my response "It wouldn't shoot forward, the engine's main thing is rotational, so if anything it might sping itself out of control and fly out the top or the sides or something, but it probably wouldn't shoot forward".

Dave looks at me with this "man you are really sad dude" look and proceeds to explain that it was a joke. I knew that, but still my first reaction (while in geek mode) was to just correct or respond to the statement. It's not that I don't have a sense of humor (no comments from the peanut gallery) it's just that if I'm dedicating too many cycles to some technical thing that I'm really interested in (e.g. thinking about things I need to do to get Psyche fixed up) then I can totally blow by "obvious" things like rhetorical questions and jokes.

Still though it does make for some amusing stories :)

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