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boingy boingy boingy.... squeak squeak squeak (hehehehehe)

Ok, note to self, do NOT eat the brownie a la mode from Village Inn ever again. Can we say sugar rush? Yes we can, we can probably say it three times very quickly while standing on my head writing haiku. Yes, I'm a bit hyper right now, but it's starting to wear off.

I just felt like posting while I was listening to this song (from the Snatch soundtrack). I'm just kicking back here jamming out and shaking my booty to some funky music.

Oh yeah.....

I am the scary lookin' funky groove master... or something.

Of course in about 15 minutes I'm going to go kerthunk and hopefully I'll be in my bed or at least near it. I'd rather not pass out in the hallway or in the kitchen :).









owwww!!!!! ceiling fan... :-/


'night all :)

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