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So much for that theory....

Well, that'll show me to get all excited about a made for TV movie. Metal Mayhem was not worth the price of admission (mind you it was free). Ugh. What is it with TV movies? I mean I hear all this stuff about how hard it is to get movies made in Hollywood and it always sounds like there's all this great stuff out there that Hollywood just won't make and you know what? I'm starting to wonder. Thinking back to what I've seen on TV. Assuming that it's easier to get something on TV with like 1,000 channels out there, you'd think that you'd see simple (a la 12 angry men) drama and good old fashioned action movies made.

Back to the crap at hand. Metal Mayhem was very bad cheese. For just about all occasions it deserves a DS of 1, but it might be ok with a large group of people who enjoy making fun of movies and who enjoy watching cheesy kung-fu, on the off chance that they suggest a movie that you haven't seen of vice versa. It's the kind of movie that will probably get comments like: "oh, they did this much better in ____", or "this is a blatant rip off of _______" etc...

If it was possible, I'd recommend this movie for linging the bottom of a birdcage of maybe a feret cage.

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