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Survey Question.....

What are people's thoughts about facial hair? I've been trying to make up my mind about what I want to do and I just can't decide. So far I've done a full beard, goatee and clean shaven this month and nothing quite makes me happy. I'm leaning towards a full beard just because almost no one has one of those but I also like the evil long pointy goatee that I had until the beginning of the month. I'm also trying to decide what looks good with long hair (I think it's finally gotten to the point where I can say that I have long-ish hair). Comments? Advice? Suggestions?

Bleh, I'm not sure, but have I mentioned that I'm indecisive and non-commital about some things? :)


I like facial hair. I'm a sucker for a goatee...don't know what it is about them either. :)
well, it's you-na-knee-mouse

goatee it is :)


*grin* cool. :)
I usually keep a bit of chin fuzz, but like having that Sonny Crocket from Miami Vice stubble going as well :oPPP


But I DON'T wear light cotton jackets and I DO wear socks...hehehe
heh, the only problem is that my 5 o'clock shadow starts looking kinda like this:

Well, there's always the sexy shag rug wookie look :)
the evil long pointy goatee sounds good...also what my mom calls the "dirt spot"...that little bit of hair above your chin
At this point I guess, the evil long pointy goatee is my favorite :)

I can't do the dirt spot because well, I've got way too much facial fuzz going on (you remember the old 50's Lon Chaney Jr Wolfman? :) and I'm not coordinated enough to not have it looking all weird.

What I need is one of those funky hairstyle programs for beards so I could try out some of the really wacky styles like a fu-manchu etc...
Yeah, I'm with the other chickies: I vote goatee.
Heh, interesting, everyone voted for goatee.

I'm glad folks didn't team up and vote for something like mustache (yikes, shades of Village People ;)
It all depends on the person. I have no idea what you really look like to tell you whether I think one would look good on you. :(
Well that's easy to fix :). I posted some pics a while ago.

So what do you think? goatee, beard, clean shaven, or paper bag? :)


I think a goatee would look hot on you, actually! :)
Hot you say? I wouldn't mind hot, goatee it is then :)
You should put up a pic of you with a goatee... That would help me decide! ;)

more pictures....

....of me?!?!?

Nooooooooooooooooo :)

Actually, I probably will post a few in a month or two once the hair/goatee/piercings are sorted out. Right now I've lost a bit of the evil, menacing look in favor of looking a bit like a wookie (j/k ;).

I really can't wait for my hair to grow out enough to be tied back easily.