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Scar Tissue....

So, I was talking to a friend about random silly injuries a while ago, then a few days ago I was bored and took some pictures of the more notable scars I have.... the pics aren't particularly gross, but they are quite possibly in poor taste.....

So this is my forehead. Complete with Harry Potter-esque scar. However mine came about through much more mundane and stupid reasons. Basically, I've always been big on climbing around on stuff and I actively like heights so.... I was climbing around on the horse corral we used to have and I got a little too close to the horse's water trough..... I slipped and, *ker-thunk*. Major head trauma #1 was born. I have a nearly matching scar on the back of my head, but that's nearly impossible to photograph. This might explain some of my... eccentricities ;)

Next on our gruesome tour is my shin. When I was in grade school, I used to be a little terror on my bike. This is probably where my interest in mountain bikes came from in later years. Anyways, as far as this scar, it was the result of a broken bottle. Specifically it was a broken bottle that I fell on one day when I was riding my bike and it managed to run through a good part of my leg. I used to have the exit point visible too, but that scar has pretty much faded away. This one probably won't.

Finally, this is my hand (no comments from the peanut gallery). Remember how I like working on cars? Well in high school, I managed to do something supremely stupid. While we were yanking Psyche's original engine out, it managed to crush that part of my hand. The nail has never grown back right and I have a nifty scar on my wrist from it. The hand is more or less ok, it's a bit stiff, but it's basically ok.

and that's it. None of my other mishaps have resulted in any visible scarring. I've also damaged both knees, dislocated both shoulders a number of times, dislocated my wrist... and I think that's it. Sometimes I'm amazed that I'm still mostly intact :)


Damn, I have more scars than you do! :P They're not my best feature, but they are very noticeable...
Oh yeah, well I believe in quality not quantity :-p

Those are the top 3 most notable scars I have. I probably have a dozen or so scars from various falls and whatnot. I used to have more, but I tend to heal very quickly so it takes a lot of damage to actually generate a scar and those three were definately in the a lot of damage cate-gory.

I don't think they're my best feature, but they do seem to be a noticeable one, but what was that line from the Replacements

"Pain heals, chicks dig scars and glory lasts forever"

It does, they do, we'll see :)
Yeah, but I don't go crusing for chicks very often!
Eh, more for me then ;)

I dunno, I was in a weird mood and I came across the pics so I went ahead and posted them. Seeeee, more pictures of me ;-p
That works for me! More pictures!