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Warning, extreme geekiness coming up...

This old haus (or at least the crap in it) is falling apart.

Well, not it isn't but it kind of felt like it today. I came home to find that SadoMasochism, my network firewall, had barfed on itself and was no longer being anything much more than a really old electronic paperweight. I spent about 30 minutes checking it out, rebooted and it seems to be ok, but the longest uptime just went away. I hadn't checked in a few days but it was right around 350 days without crashing or rebooting (let's see a windows machine do that). This sucks. Now I have to start over. Of course now I have no excuse not to update things on it so that's probably what I'll do this weekend. This pluse Moya's continued floppy drive funkiness is making me somewhat cranky at my computers.

So to make myself feel better about machines, I decided to play Gran Turismo 3 for a while. What can I say, driving fast cars, on a computer game. That more or less captures all of my geek interests right there :). It also reminded me that I should get around to cleaning and making some of those long overdue adjustments on the entertainment center. I don't think I've rambled on about it yet. The entertainment center has my component stereo (radio, minidisc, CD, tape, & a turntable), the big TV, 2 VCRs, DVD player, the PS2, Super Nintendo, 8-bit Nintendo, the Atari 2600, the old Balley arcade system, and it also serves as the display and control of Spike, my MP3 computer. Not everything is at 100%, but that's mostly a question of sitting down and making it all work right again by taking it apart and fiddling with connections and such...

Oh, and I took some more haus pictures.... (next post)

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