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Geeky Home Pictures...

All right, here are some house pictures for you guys...

The Entertainment Center:

Most of my nifty electronic gadgets live here along with some old school video games. My very nifty (albeit a bit old) mostly Onkyo component stereo system. Along with a PS2, Super Nintendo, 8-bit Nintendo, Atari 2600, and a Balley Arcade System (cutting edge back in 1985 or so :).

Mission Control: a.k.a. the home office

There are about 8 or 9 computers in that picture. Then there's the Mountain Dew Window that just sort of happened...

Bike Storage:

I finally figured out where to put the bikes (my city bike and my mountain bike). You can also see my Sun Sparc 5, and Sun IPX there. Despite being rather old, those machines still work rather nicely for general computer stuff (well programming and such).

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