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From the "God, I hope they don't reproduce" dept....

I just came across this on the local roadrunner website:

Announcement Regarding Local Movie Times

Some local theaters are considering pulling their listings from this web site because some users aren't following our directions of confirming showtimes by calling the theater.

Each week, the theaters send us their movie listings in advance. These times are subject to change at any time. Every page of this section states that you should call the theater to confirm the movie times.

Too many users are not following that advice and are asking the theater management for refunds when a movie is missed because of an incorrect listing. It is not the theater's responsibility when someone doesn't confirm the time by calling the theater. Please, don't hold the theater responsible when you fail to confirm the showtime.

Now this is the kind of crap that drives me completely bonkers in this city. WTF people. I'm just really shocked that folks on both sides of that little stupidity are acting like that. Look, I go to the movies a lot. I have never had found their movie times to be hugely off or wrong. If I'm going to go buy a ticket and it turns out that the movie is 15 minutes off, then ok I make a note of that when I look at the movie times listed and buy my ticket accordingly. No big deal, get over it. This is entertainment after all, and I don't believe in having random fun stuff scheduled so exactly that I can't adjust to changed movie times. Heck even cancelled movies or sold out showings don't piss me off much. I'm bummed about them. I'm a big time movie buff and I can still say, all right, we’ll watch it some other time, obla di, obla da, life goes on.

I mean really, what's going on in these people's heads? "Hey, the online listing said the movie started at 4:45 and you are showing it at 4:00! I demand a refund!" Huh?!? How the heck does that logic work? It's stupid, so why does it bother the manager's so much? I mean have you ever tried to return something at CompUSA or Best Buy? They're all millitant about their return policies and that's that. No discussion, this is the rule, deal. Why can't the theatre do that? Just tell your people, no refunds. If people somehow come to the theatre with the wrong info, we don't care where they got it. If we didn't make the mistake in selling the ticket or listing the time on our marquee in the theatre, then it's their problem, NO REFUNDS. Heck just put a freaking sign up saying this and take 5 minutes out of your busy freaking schedule to explain this to stupid people and go back to counting the goobers.

If the two theatres that I usually go to pull their listings I'll probably flame them about it because it's such a stupid thing. Who cares if people are stupid and they complain? The 100 people in the city who'll stop going to the movies are probably the same ones who don't turn off their noisy toy things or take the noisy things they spawned to the theatre. Why inconvenience a big chunk of the movie going audience that counts on being able to look online for movie times just to quiet some of the whiners out there? If you think about it, the fact that I can check online movie times means that I can check them on my phone or wireless PDA (or download them using avantgo etc...) and that probably means that I'm not destitute (well not all the time at least ;) so if you get me into the theatre I'm probably more likely to buy some of those horribly overpriced drinks and candy etc... Don't appeal to the least common denominator, appeal to the folks that are likely to spend more at your theatre (generally this correlates to access to the internet and such).

Grrr.... people are stupid and I'm hungry.

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