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The following was written as a response to this editorial piece from the El Paso Times

Why is it that whenever a terrible accident happens in this city, people's first reaction is to insist that "something be done" and that something invariably includes add more lights, lower the speed limit etc... Most recently I have been dismayed to read coverage and opinions about the "Paisano Killing Fields". 14 People have died on that stretch of road since 1998. However, 10 of those people died in 2 accidents which were apparently not caused by the condition of the road as much as by unsafe driving.

Our first reaction is always to lament the loss of good people in our community and this is healthy. However we also have to realize that being a good person does not automatically make you a good driver. Driving is a skill. It's a skill that many people in this region take for granted when they get behind the wheel of their car. Perhaps instead of making things more difficult for those of us who follow the rules of the road, the powers that be should focus on holding people more accountable for driving without insurances and licenses or for driving recklessly etc...

It does us no good to restrict the good drivers even more when people constantly speed, run red lights and stops, and just generally drive as if they own the road. Why is Paisano dangerous? Not because it lacks regulation, but because many people in this city lack respect for (or knowledge of?) existing rules of driving and safety.

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