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purple dragon

Dragon's Black Kitchen...

Well, I (more or less :) finished cleaning my lair's kitchen, and I decided to take some pictures of it... So, here you go:

My Side...

Yes, my kitchen has black laquer cabinets. It took about a week to get them painted this way before I moved in. Throughout the kitchen you'll see smudges on the walls where I need to repaint them to cover up places where we didn't mask properly. Oops... I've been living here almost 2 years and I still need to get around to doing the touch-up painting.... can we say procrastinate?

...your side...

The cool thing about black laquer cabinets is that you can still see the wood grain under the paint. It's kind of a weird/nifty look. I'd wanted to make my kitchen look like this for about 2 years before I got the chance to build this one. All the major appliances are also black, except for the stove but it's almost all black so it works ok. The door in the back of the kitchen (which happens to also be a chalkboard) leads to my very small but very well laid out laundry room (to be photographed some other day :).

... and the Kitchen Sink

I need to find some wall hangers for the plates. This picture does a nice job of highlighting the under cabinet lights that I installed a while ago (along with some of those smudges I mentioned). The small "poster" in the middle is a Waffle House menu because Waffle House is just cool.

Light My Fire

What can I say, I never cease to find that sign and its placement amusing (and in no way does it reflect my cooking abilitites :-p)

Cold Storage

One of the few non-magnetic-word infested fridges in the western hemisphere (although there are two boxes of them sitting on top of it)

Antique Fire Extinguisher

Don't worry, there's a newer functional one elsewhere in the kitchen

Here there be Dragons

I'll give you extra credit if you can figure out what the big Green Dragon is... :>

... and in concussion ... ;)

I need a drink :)


you have a great kitchen, very original. i suddenly want to redecorate my place too!
the fire extinguisher beside the picture of the twin towers was a nice but sad touch.

Thanks :)

Hmmm you know, believe it or not, I had never made the connection between the picture and the extinguisher. The picture is based on one I got from some magazine, cleaned up, printed, and framed. The extinguisher is one that I found at a job site when I was like 15 or so.

Be sure to post pics when you do redecorate :)
I adore the sign over your stove. Y'know, a fireman theme is making sense allasudden for a kitchen! :D
Hmmm you know, I had never thought of a fireman theme. That's a good idea!

Counter space!

Ohhh, I"m so jealous.

All of it beautiful, really.

Re: Counter space!


I'm pretty happy with it because I got to build it myself and it came out about 85% exactly right. Of course lately I've been wanting to find a new place so I can build a new, better kitchen (I'm just a freak about building stuff :)
i love the waffle house menu- i must steal a menu the next time i'm there.

your kitchen rocks my socks off. i'm going to steal everything- beware ;D
Actually I didn't even have to steal the menu. I just asked the waitress for it on one of our stops while doing the Boston to El Paso drive a few years ago.

You'd better not steal anything from it :-p. If you ever make it out to this neck of the woods, I'll cook for you, but don't let me catch you pilfering my menu or my silverware or I'll kick your butt :-p
Big V?


Big green dragon... Big V (the Green Dragon)?
No, it's an item (e.g. a toaster) and you shouldn't have to guess because I've told you what it is before :-p


dude...i can't remember what I had for breakfast... :oP

Extra Credit!

Nice bong. :D
Green Dragon bongs are uber cool, if you ask me.

Re: Extra Credit!

Bingo! Give the gentleman a cee-gar.

You're right, Green Dragon bongs are uber cool, but they do get strange looks from airport security people when you carry them onto a plane ("I swear, it's a decoration for my house, really")
scooby doo rocks