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*yawn* says the groggy dragon...

How can you tell if your workout was really intense? When you finish, sit down on the bed, lie down just for a second to catch your breath and then wake up about 2 hours later because the phone is ringing. Wow, I had forgotten how much fun it is to mess with my brain chemistry with exercise. It produces just the right mix of discomfort and cool-highness (yay endorphines). I'm going to have to do this more often :)

Oh, and my hair is officially long enough to cause me pain. I woke up, and shook my head as I tried to figure out what that ringing sound was that was pulling me out of my dream and a stray bit of hair managed to poke my eye quite efficiently... this is also the reason that I am now awake for SFU (the joys of cable are such that I had halfway decided to sleep through this showing and catch the west coast showing at 10). Oh well, now to scrounge up some food....

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