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I think I discovered the ultimate torture-type exercise. My triceps hurt like crazy. The sick thing is that I'm probably to keep doing this because I finally realized something. I can leave my weights out in my bedroom. For the last several months, the whole having to move weight bench into position and drag weights out etc... would be enough to make me put it off until later and finally until tomorrow on about half the days that I was going to work out, but yesterday I left my exercise stuff out and today, I found that I didn't kill myself maneuvering around my room when I stumbled out of bed to throw Zhaan out in the mornings... Not hurting myself in the mornings is a good thing.

Oh, that and I finally put up the full-length mirror in my room and I kinda liked seeing that I still have some significant amounts of definition (esp while lifting). I know, it's shallow and vain, but it's nice being able to see that I'm not a complete blob while I'm working out. Lately I'd been starting to feel like a ginormous slug because I've put on some weight in the last 2 years (basically since moving out here and not getting a chance to walk everywhere anymore). We're not talking Fat Bastard proportions or anything like that, but it was enough to make me feel unhappy and unattractive.

The good thing though is that since the last time I whined about this I have been working out more and I'm slowly starting to see result, but I think it's time to really bump it up a bit and try to get back into serious rugby playing shape again. My goal is to be able to comfortably ride my bike along the desert trails by this summer and then to be able to do some serious boarding next winter. Heh, I've finally learned to avoid the "I will be Charles Atlas Jr. in 2 months" approach to working out :). So anyways, consider this the start of Phase II wherein Victor stops just holding weight steady, but loses the extra lbs and rebuilds muscle.

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