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Radio Shack is the de-vuul!!

Gah, I should not have gone to Radio Shack this afternoon. I came up with an idea that involved a quick stop at RS. I finally decided how to use the groovy big brass lion's head door knocker that's been kicking around my house for the last few months. Predictably, it involves wiring, drills, and random assorted bits and pieces. I shall report on this further (with pictures) when it's completed and put in place. I got it started tonight, but I still need some parts so I'm stopping for now.

I have now determined that raw chicken is still edible after sitting in the freezer for 20 months provided that you cook the hell out of it before eating. Last night I made some chicken jambalaya out of stuff in my house. Why the edible science project? Eh, I was running low on cash and not inspired to deal with Wal-Mart trauma. I had a bit of it last night and felt a little blah afterwards, but not quite food poisony so I had the rest of it for dinner tonight and digestively speaking, all is well. Apparently it was the restaurant food that made my stomach unhappy... Come to think of it, I don't think I've had problems with stuff I had at home in a good 4 or 5 years, but I can think a dozen times here and in Boston that I've had significant-ish stomach unhappiness after eating out.... Odd... I'm sure you were all dying to know that.

Ok, I have an hour before Angel is on so I'm going to work at cleaning up the office a bit more. I am determined to have my house tidy and clean by the end of the week, and at the latest I hope to have finished spring cleaning before spring actually starts (i.e. 03/21). So far so good... oh right, I also need to do some laundry... I should go do that now so it'll be done at a reasonable hour...

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