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Dragon Decor...

I was looking at this creation earlier and it occured to me that I had never posted pictures of this project. I came across this little knick-knack on eBay a while ago. It was mostly done, except for the eyes and some cosmetic stuff which I added and wired in after a quick trip to Radio Shack...

I really like how the "eyes" look when they're off. What's cool is that they are just some red lights from RS. I didn't even have to modify them. I just added some holes for the wires and they were good to go in the sockets. Oh, and the book is some random treatise on evil that was in Barnes & Noble's $5 bin (it is an interesting read though). The skull ended up on it right before Halloween, and I've just left it like that since.

On & Off

The other side... Some of what I had to do was taking apart the skull to put wires in and solder connections along with putting it together a little better (some of the glued parts where a bit messy or not too well done).

What'll I come up with next? Hehehehe


Please tell me that's not in your bedroom. It's too creepy! Excellent Halloween decoration though. :}

Heh, for the record it lives in the living room. It might be neat mood lighting in the bedroom, but I suspect that the cats would turn it into a cat toy within a day or two and I doubt that it would survive :)