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Just chi-ill....

You know, sometimes you just need to chill out, watch some cheesy movies and relax.

That is what I did so far this evening. Nothing exciting, but enough to make me feel better. I was also reminded that my taste in movies ranges from good to extremely questionable. I was at the store today, rummaging through the bargain DVD bin and I came up with The Running Man (Arnold of course), and Volcano (Tommy Lee Jones, and Anne Heche (sp?)). Volcano always amazes me. It's totally your typical disaster type movie, but it passes the all important Scientific American Plausability test. Specifically the science behind it makes enough sense that your average person with a Scientific American grasp of science won't constantly be bitching about how improbable the movie is. Generally that means that about half of the stuff in the movie is factually correct and the other half isn't, but it's not completely impossible (just highly unlikely ;). It's the type of movie that explains why Hollywood disasters work out so much more interestingly than real-life ones as well as why normal people tend to believe in some really unlikely shit.

Those movies got me thinking (Danger Will Robinson, danger!). It's time to resurrect my old tradition of the Anti-Oscars this year. What are the Anti-Oscars? Basically they're selected by watching quasi-related movies that would never even come close to winnning an Oscar although on occasion this has also been an excuse to pair a really "bad" movie with a quasi-related Oscar movie winning movie and making fun of both of them (oddly enough the Oscar winner usually ends up being funnier :). I totally forgot about doing it last year, but I did that for 4 or so years when I was in Boston. It's quite fun, I highly recommend it :).

As far as Hollywood is concerned, I think it's more appropriate to watch stuff that didn't win Academy Awards. Often I get the feeling that the AAs are way too much about movie types telling people what they "should" like because it's "good" and looking down on things that are "bad" or too mainstream. It's hard to describe exactly... well other than to say that it seems like folks and movies who get Oscars tend to take themselves way to seriously after a while. Yeah, ok, it was a good movie, I liked it, but the meaning of life is not hidden within the subtle nuances of it's sub-texts...

Anyways... Look out Bargain DVD Bin :).

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