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Ugh... must sleep soon...

Hmmm I just noticed that 2 consecutive entries have 13 comments each. Spiooky... or something.

I think I drank a little be too much Mountain Dew this evening. Even though it tends to make me feel kind slow and blah, it simultaneously makes me feel jittery. It's a rather funky feeling. It's kind of nice, but not on a Weds night/Thurs morning when I really should be going to sleep soon...

Heh, I think I found a case for a new computer... Do you think I can make this into a case? I did some preliminary checking and I can probably squeeze most of the bits and pieces I need to into it. I should also be able to wire its keys like a keyboard (might have to add a few random buttons or switches). As far as the question of why I would want to do this, well, it's amusing (in my twisted little mind)... Come to think of it, my folks might still have an old word processor (you know the big ones with keyboard and mono screens built in) lying around the house somewhere... now that would be an amusing thing to turn into a full fledged computer. Hmmmm....

*gears turning*
*diabolical plans forming*
*passes out from lack of sleep*

Heh, we'll see. For now it's time for bed so I can dream of turning an IBM typewriter (the main reason being that it says IBM and it just seems neat) into a computer.... Ok, I need a life :-p

Update: *grumble* I was informed that the word processor was disposed of a few months ago. Bah.

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