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purple dragon


So, I was bad and I bid on some stuff from eBay.

I just won a cookie jar for Zhaan's Scooby Snacks and an awesome Nightmare Before Christmas movie poster.

The cool thing being that this loot will end up costing me about $25.00 with shipping :).

Other than that, work has been stressful and I found more movies in the Bargain DVD Bin. A great line from one of today's movies:

"My asshole brother bought her back in September, '57. That's when you got the new model years, September. Braand new she was. She had the smell of brand new car. That's just about the finest smell in the world... 'cept maybe for pussy."

That more or less puts the whole car vs girl thing in perspective I think :). Anyone care to guess which movie this is from?



I don't have to guess! that's only my second-favorite movie of all time! :) (what's my icon again? ;) )

Re: hah!!

Awe, man.
You ruined my guess ;)
I know I knew the answer so at least there's that.
Great movie (and book)

Re: hah!!

Well, I believe you. I knew the answer to before seeing the movie again yesterday. It's one of my favorite movie lines (and the LeBay character is pretty amusing in general).

This is one of the few stories that I genuinely like as both a book and a movie. Although for the record I think that my Hazel has the potential to be a neater looking car :)

Re: hah!!

Good good.

I was going to make some remark about how I expected you to know this by heart, but I managed to forget about it (how's that for short term memory :).

Now you know what I watched 2.5 times last night. It's definately somewhere up there in my top 10 favorite movies. It's one of the few movies that's steadily climbed the charts based on how my car obsession has grown. I always find myself with an evil smile when I'm watching the uncrumple scene and the subsequent squishing of the annoying fat guy.

It's a delightful movie :)