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Hmmm... So here's the recap of my exciting Friday evening....

I went to go watch The Time Machine with Buddha Buddy. It was a good movie (DS=9 if you like sci-fi movies) but there was a large annoying family sitting behind us....

Mini-Rant: Ok, so I don't have a problem with kids in general, but I think that there is a certain age before which you shouldn't take them to non G or maybe PG movies. You know, that age when they see something and they have to ask someone about it? Or even worse right before that when they can spontaneously start to cry for no apparent reason? That's fine at home, but in a movie theatre that's kind of obnoxious. If it's a kids movie, ok, so be it I can deal, but during a more adult oriented movie that's pretty rude. The general rule being that if you are the only family sitting in a moderately full theatre with chattering kids then your kids are probably a little bit too young for that movie. Still though I can generally tune that out as static, but this family not only had the annoying child and mom chattering behind us (as in the seats right behind us), but the father would occasionally feel the need to bellow some witty comment out so that his entire clan could hear and appreciate his amazing powers of observation. After about 15 minutes of this, I got annoyed and very politely turned to them as asked "Could you please not talk during the movie?" and the father had the nerve to act offended.

However, he did shut up (the joys of being big and intimidating).

Unfortunately, his wife and kid didn't and I was tempted to go complain to the manager but I'm not all that psyched about making other people's lives too difficult. I know it's not the kid's fault, and I remember being at that age when I would ask any and every question that popped in my head, but I thought it was rude for the chatter clan to decide that they had to go to this movie on it's opening day. Eh, no big deal but it was amusing when the movie was over how they glared at us as we walked out of the theatre. Eh, I guess they came from the "it's all right to chatter during a movie" school of movie watching. I think Buddha Buddy might have turned and laughed at them or waved or something, but I was busy making a bee-line to the little dragon's room.

This was a quasi philosophy evening so we headed back to my place discussing various things. My folks called to let me know that we might be starting on the first house to be built for someone else. They had negotiated a deal with someone to sell them one of the empty lots they own complete with an ~800 SF home for about $50,000.00 (depending on what finishes and stuff they choose). This is a good deal for all involved and if we can get the down payment from them soon, it'll really come in handy for getting those construction loans approved too. With a little luck I'll be managing the 4 duplexes and the single house. Personally I can hardly wait to get started on all that.

After a while we headed out to grab some DVDs and do the Chinese Buffet thing. While I do miss places like Marie Chung's, I have to admit that I do like some of the ginormous Chinese buffets that this town now has. They huge, and they have a very nice selection of fairly good food. MC's was probably a 10 (on a scale of 1-10) and these places fall in at a solid 8-9 on the same scale, but you also get variety and they're cheaper for those of us with significant appetites :) so they do work out well. To celebrate the potential easing of work stress I picked up Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back and Bridget Jones' Diary. Two very good and very funny movies. We also discussed the effects of the libido on writing and story-telling and compared the commentaries on Jay & Silent Bob (Kevin Smith & Co.) to the commentary on Planet of the Apes (Tim Burton).

For those of you movie geek types, I highly recommend listening to Kevin Smith's commentary, but Tim Burton's was extremely disappointing. This worked into the discussion about libido because I maintain that drawing from the emotions involved in relationships (good and bad) is one of the easier ways to hit a lot of passionate emotionally charged stuff. The importance to that being that if you are passionate about what you are doing or writing about it'll show through. Tim Burton is an amazing director, but his commentary was fairly flat because you could sort of tell that he wasn't 100% jazzed about the project. He was doing his job and doing it well, but he wasn't really really into the material. Kevin Smith on the other hand is a bit rougher around the edges and while also being a great director, his work has a definite personal touch to it and in the commentary you could hear how much he really liked what he was doing.

Another exciting evening in the land of the chronically bored and boring :)

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