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El Buddha Buddy....

The story behind this post:

Dave (n/k/a Buddha Buddy) and I were cruising out to get some food last night and for some random reason in mid joke I decided that he should now be referred to as Buddha Buddy. I don't know why it came up or where it came from but this provided about 2 hours worth of amusement in our warped little minds.

After about 30 minutes though, I realized that it was a remarkably fitting nickname as it captures the true essence of his enlightened philosophical nature as well as his tendency to be let his rednecky "raised on the farm" roots shine through at rather odd moments (e.g. this post about stealth farts)

Some key lines from last night (some from me and some from Buddha Buddy after he took to referring to himself in the third person).. Oh and for the record, we were talking with quasi-Elvis accents.

"Buddha Buddy belly done left the building, Buddha Buddy followin' 'bout 3 ft back"

"Buddha Buddy'd like to thank you, thank you very much"

"Buddha Buddy don't like that"

"Buddha Buddy better start limpin' right quick cuz Buddha Buddy a gimp now.." (long story involving a handicap parking spot)

"My name is Coco, the monkey!" ---- that was Dave

"Coco's getting angry!" ---- Dave again

"Buddha Buddy getting cranky"

"Buddha Buddy, that girl is scaaaaaaary"

"So I was driving with my mom this afternoon."
"If you say so Buddha Buddy"
"We were driving down Alameda... Shut-up!"

"Buddha Buddy jamming to some tunes"

"Buddha Buddy gonna have heartburn tonight"

"Buddha Buddy need a smoke"

etc... etc... to infinite absurdity and beyond....

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