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It's like watching paint dry...

well, it's like watching hair dry... In fact I am watching hair dry. Mine. I made the brilliant decision to shower right before bed because I momentarily forgot that long hair takes a while to dry. Hmmm..... so much for those well laid plans.

I spent this evening coming up with possible designs for that house we're going to build. That was actually rather fun. I came up with 2 possible designs that I like and that I'll be AutoCADing tomorrow, once I get some feedback from my dad.

The wheels are turning with the whole construction loan thing and hopefully we'll find out if we get them within a couple of weeks.

*crosses fingers and performs various rituals to satisfy as many deities as possible*

Hmmm... not much else to report. I need to hurry up and finish cleaning the house soon. I'm really down to just the office that needs serious work. The rest of the house just needs the normal vacuuming, dusting, decontamination, and exorcising. I still think I can finish spring cleaning before spring officially springs....

Do I lead and exciting life or what? On second thought, don't answer that :).


Personally, I like sleeping with wet hair. Maybe because I am covered with an electric blanket that keeps me warm.
I sleep with wet hair too (well, of rare occasions when my hair is wet at bedtime - I usually shower in the morning). And all I sleep under is an industrial-strength feather blanket - i.e. a comforter :) (yes, only the comforter. it has allowed me to dispense with such frivolous things as a topsheet and other blankets. I love my comforter)
I'm with you on that one. I can sleep with wet hair and minimal sheetage. On warm nights it's actually kind of nice, but the next morning... yikes. look out :)
Remember it's not cold here :)

The only big complaint I have with wet hair at bedtime is that in the morning it tends to be somewhat... scary. It's gotten pretty long at this point and it's got enough body to stand up pretty high on it's own.

This morning I woke up and my hair looked like one of those big ol' 70's afros (only not curly, but it hat that kind of volume).


Yeah, my hair gets the fro look after hours of...sleep. Yeah. So, I hear ya bro.
very exciting life!! i wish i had the opportunity to watch paint dry...
Heh, I bet you do :-p

It's right up there with watching water boil and grass grow. On nights like that I redefine party animal :).

Although I think I spent more time reading through interesting new journals (including yours) and checking out new communities last night. Thanks to you, I was quite psyched to find bodymods and gearheads (one of these days I'll get around to posting more info about the old pony I'm working on). All in all not a bad way to spend a couple of hours.
I made the mistake of going to sleep with wet hair last night, and now it's all messed up today.
Heh, I'm in much the same boat this morning. When I woke up my hair looked an awful lot like JM's does in your icon (except it was sticking straight up a bit more).


Mrowr! jim hair is sexy! :) Mine was way out there this morning. :)
Heh, you might not think so if you saw my interpretation of Jim hair. Maybe Einstein hair would be more like what I'm getting at... I'll take a picture some morning in order to make my point (assuming the mirror and camera don't break).

Eh, my hair is weird. Most women I know get annoyed because a) it has insane amounts of body, b) no split ends, and c) I don't "take care" of it at all. Although I think this time around I have enough that I'm going to have to ask for advice on what the hell to do with it in general (this is not something that most guys are taught to deal with)...

Umm... I'm rambling again.


lol yeah I understand. Long hair on a guy can be quite sexy especially when it's as nice as yours sounds. My friend Michele would die! She's obsessed with guys with long hair.
Heh, why is it that I always ended up getting involved with girls who didn't like long hair on guys?

Lately it seems like all the cool women I know like long hair on guys (so it's a good thing that I've been growing it out for the past year :). I really like it now that my hair is actually long enough to tie back and look long-ish (as opposed to just scraggly).

Well tonight I was smart and showered well before bedtime so my hair is dry and will not resemble an afro in the morning :).


yay you! :) Gotta see some pics of you though! :)