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It's like watching paint dry...

well, it's like watching hair dry... In fact I am watching hair dry. Mine. I made the brilliant decision to shower right before bed because I momentarily forgot that long hair takes a while to dry. Hmmm..... so much for those well laid plans.

I spent this evening coming up with possible designs for that house we're going to build. That was actually rather fun. I came up with 2 possible designs that I like and that I'll be AutoCADing tomorrow, once I get some feedback from my dad.

The wheels are turning with the whole construction loan thing and hopefully we'll find out if we get them within a couple of weeks.

*crosses fingers and performs various rituals to satisfy as many deities as possible*

Hmmm... not much else to report. I need to hurry up and finish cleaning the house soon. I'm really down to just the office that needs serious work. The rest of the house just needs the normal vacuuming, dusting, decontamination, and exorcising. I still think I can finish spring cleaning before spring officially springs....

Do I lead and exciting life or what? On second thought, don't answer that :).

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