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Holy Car Gauges Batman...

Ok, now this is just really cool (courtesy of Slashdot)....

PC Tachometer

Me wants...


speaking of... I saw a site the other day (but didn't save the url and now I can't find it) but it was a hacked computer case made from one of the fins off a 50's model Cadillac...it only had pictures (no video) but they claimed the lights flashed w/ the hdd activity.
Heh, incorporating car parts into a computer... mmmm....

Personally I think it should have a speedo for performance (calibrated so that the top speed indicates max usage) and a tach for temperature (or you could be boring and using an actual temp gauge :). After all you generally redlining something on the car is a bad thing, why should your computer redlining indicate max usage?

Anyways, as a mediation exercise I've been thinking of random things that are lying around the house and at work that I could build a computer into... So far I have keg, toy crane, typewriter, old TV, old jukebox... Now where did I leave that dremel....


I have a couple old monitors and i'm thining of turning 1 into a fishtank. As for computer cases, i still wanna do the ammo box. A guy from online and I were talking about it and throwing out ideas for cases:

1) Castle Grayskull for a front face (if you can find it hehe...how fucking geek was this one?)

2) make a case out of steel reinforced concrete (though cooling might be funky) "The Hurricane-proof Computer!" LOL!

then we threw out a few ideas using big pieces of furniture: file cabinet, desk, toilet (for a Windows machine obviously), small metal trashcan (yet another Win machine), and if you can find one, a detonator like the kind the Wile uses in cartoons hehe...paint it red, put T.N.T. in yellow letters then sorta dirty it up to make it look used...,
Hmmmm now that you mention it, I might still have Castle Grayskull kicking around somewhere at my folks place. I'd need to check the storage room, and there is a good chance that it was given away years ago, but I know I saw one of the other He-Man castles in the house not too long ago (I lent it to my nephew when he was coming over a lot)....

If not one of the other random toy castle type things might be an interesting case :)
and on the incorporation of car parts...it'd be cool to have a smooth metal case, paint it midnight blue and put a BRONCO badge on it hehe...with a tiny spare tire on back :oPP