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Hmmm disappearing entries....

Well someone wrote about their obsession with a particular video game (FFX) earlier but the entry disappeared between when I read it and when I finished rambling. It was an amusing example of just how geeky I can be though so I'm dumping the response to my journal :-p.


Actually though I can relate. I tanked more than my share of tests while trying to beat FFVI or VII a while back. Since then I usually force myself to wait until I have a decent bit of free time before I buy one of those really in depth games.... (I've still been putting on getting FFX).

One time my gf and I spent all of 2 days beating Ryven without stopping for anything. I think we finally finished it at like 7am on a Monday morning and then didn't go to classes later. We ended up doing the same thing a few more times that semester with similar games (including one of the older FFs, like maybe III or IV, and Sanitarium) but only when we had the time to kill doing that..

Even now, I still manage to get sucked into relatively straightforward games like GTIII-A and GTA3 (my most recent obsession). The fun thing now is walking into the store and being able to buy one or two video games without being flat broke like I would be in high school :).


For those of you with lives, FF = Final Fantasy, GTIII-A = Gran Turismo III - A-spec, and GTA3 = Grand Theft Auto 3. I have lost track of how many hours I've killed playing those games (well except for GTA3 which I just got this weekend), but that's nothing compared to some of the old Nintendo (8-bit) and Atari games.... I so kicked ass at games like Space Invaders, Galaga, and the first 3 or 4 Super Mario games. I remember spending many a school night beating just one more level on the latest game (like Bionic Commando or Metal Gear, the first one).... Those where the days.

Even better though where the days when we thought that the old Balley arcade system or the Commodore 64 where totally awesome. In fact, yesterday while I was cleaning out random toys and stuff, I came across the cartridge to one of my all time favorite old games, Radar Rat Race for the C-64. You have no idea how thrilled I was to find that. I was sure that it was included in things when we sold the old C-64 (to finance the purchase of my first PC, and clone 286 with an astonishing 1Mb of RAM.... yeah, that was a few years back ;). Apparently though I "forgot" to put it in the box with the other stuff. Now I'm going to have to buy myself a C-64 just so I can play the game... what a rough life :).

Ok, I'm going to go play GTA3 again... It's a horrible anti-social game where you steal cars, run people over and general cause mayhem and chaos, but damn it's fun. This game has no redeeming social values but I really really like it..

Now to run amuck on the streets of the digital metropolis... *evil laugh*


you're talking about ME!

anyway, I got rid of it, because in that journal I feel weird about the things I talk about.
So, I have just really stopped talking about my geek side.
Instead i'm just vague.
tee hee.

ANYway..FFX is great.
I mean, it's just pure good.
I bought it the same day as ffx (both were the last copies).
I started with GTA3 and then after that obsession I realized I get off on leveling up my characters.
I can just do that for hours and hours and it makes me so happy.

I'm not sure if you'd love the new system..
if you haven't heard you don't really gain exp anymore.
well, you gain levels and these spheres..aka power spheres and you're given this huge, HUGE grid where you can move around activivating various nodes and picking and choosing how you want to spend your exp, instead of them doing it for you automatically.

whew, i bet that didn't make any sense.

but, it really adds something to the game.
same with the custom made weapons.

blitzball, i don't really care for, because i suck at it.

but all in all it really is a good game, even if they do make heavy use of the 'movie' moments.

Eh, no worries about removing that post. It was just one of those rare "I can totally relate" moments and it got me reminiscing about my own video game geekiness. For the record though, I'm always up for hearing about people's geek sides. More people should be geekier I think.

I was totally a video game geek when I was younger but I've mellowed from obsessing about games all the time to just obsessing over them for a few days at a time now (usually until something comes along to be preoccupied with).

I was going to buy FFX when I got GTA3, but the desire to have some $$$ left over and the realization that GTA3 would eat up a decent bit of time by itself prevailed so I figure FFX will be my next purchase in a few weeks, once I finish or get bored with GTA3. I've gotten through about 10 missions on GTA3 and wow, is that game just flat out violent. Sheesh. I've run down targets, used a semi truck to take out cops, etc... etc...

Man was that fun :)

Hmmm as far as FFX's new system, eh, they seem to change major stuff on it from game to game so I'm kind of used to it. I think I started playing it from FFII or FFIII and I've played all of them since so I guess I'll just have to adapt to this system. I remember I had a bit of trouble getting good at the game on FFIX.

As an indication of how geeky I can be, your explanation of the system actually made a good bit of sense (but I've also read about it in various game sites). I really am looking forward to playing it, but I need to make sure I have enough time to play it. It took me about 2 months to find a stretch of time in which to obsess about FFIX enough to enjoy playing it :).